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About HFMA

About HFMA

HFMA is the nation’s leading membership organization for healthcare financial management professionals. More than 39,000 members, ranging from CFOs to controllers to accountants look to HFMA for information and guidance on issues facing the healthcare industry. HFMA members can be found in all areas of the healthcare system including hospitals, managed care organizations, physician practices, accounting firms and insurance companies.

HFMA offers educational and professional development opportunities; information on key issues affecting healthcare financial managers; resources, such as research reports and networking opportunities—all of which provide our members with the practical tools and ideas they need to ensure career and organizational successes.

HFMA promotes advancement through various research project that examine the latest trends, issues and challenges, and delivers actionable solutions where needed. Many HFMA research projects involve partnerships with leading associations, multinational corporations, government agencies and respected healthcare leaders.

Benefits of an HFMA Membership


  • Professional development through conferences, seminars, and collaboration among your peers.
  • Networking opportunities within the key healthcare organizations, consultancies, and policy organizations in the Greater St. Louis Area.
  • Access to job opportunities targeted directly at HFMA members.
  • Certification opportunities, to formalize and recognize your talents and experience.

HFMA National:

You may access HFMA National Contacts, which provides key National information @ http://www.hfma.org/about/

Chapter Key Contacts allows you to locate and link to chapter websites @ http://www.hfma.org/site/chapter_resources/findachapter.cfm HFMA Online Education Calendar allows you to search for chapter, national and regional events @ http://www.hfma.org/events/

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