Welcome to HFMA Greater St. Louis Chapter


Committee Chairs 2016-2017:

Chapter Awards Committee:

The goal of the committee is to keep track of the points and enter and submit them to HFMA National by July 1st each year. Based on the points, awards will be ordered and presented at the annual Award Celebration organized by the same Committee (usually around April/May).

Chapter Awards Committee Chair
Celine P. Wehmeier
Corporate Manager PBS – Business Analytics
SSM Health

Chapter Awards Committee Co-Chair
Silas Goldman

Certification Committee:

The chapter Certification Chair is the chapter’s primary point of contact for certification information. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the chapter makes information about certification available in a convenient form, helps members obtain study materials, coordinates study groups (if member interest), and processes paperwork for reimbursement of costs. Ideally, the Certification Chairman would be a certified member, or someone who is interested in becoming certified.

Certification Committee Chair
Theresa Kipper, CPA, FHFMA
Corporate Manager – Financial Systems & Applications SSM Healthcare

Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee serves as leadership’s voice to Chapter members. The Communications Committee provides members with electronic communications from Chapter leadership about upcoming events, programs, and other educational sessions. The committee is also responsible for all Chapter social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and the Chapter’s smartphone app (to be released in early 2016). We also have the Communication, Website, and Certification Committees’ P&P posted on our website, if that helps. http://www.hfmastlouis.org/chapter-bylaws.htm

Communications Committee Chair
Leah Montre
SSM Health

Membership Committee:

Goals and Objectives of this committe include; coordinating recruitment and retention, such that the Chapter will achieve a net growth as defined by National HFMA, encouraging all members to be involved in new member recruitment, providing new member orientation programs, encouraging new member participation in Chapter programming through free registration to first program, introducing new members to their colleagues through distinctive name badge identifiers, making personal contact with all non-renewing members, and finally, sending personal letters and membership service plans to all new members.

Membership Committee Chair
Drew C. Deptola, CHFP
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Membership Committee Co-Chair
Silas Goldman

Networking Committee:

Our committee serves to connect our members with each other and those of various healthcare professionals in a multitude of roles. We plan and execute a holiday gathering, a golf tournament and happy hours throughout the year to foster relationships and grow our networks. For students and new professionals, our goal is to prepare the next generation of healthcare financial leaders so they can develop productive and satisfying careers.

Networking Chair
Ann Grana
Keystone IT

Networking Committee Co-Chair
Anidas Lajaunie, MBA
Regional Vice President

Program Committee:

The Program Committee plans and coordinates the development, delivery and evaluation of chapter education events. The Committee is responsible for working to develop the annual program budget, manage chapter-programming delivery, monitor program quality, manage member satisfaction with programs, and manage all speaker communications. In addition, the Committee is responsible for planning and implementing on-site meeting management for chapter education events.

Program Committee Chair
Craig S. Kalman, FSA, MAAA, FHFMA
United Healthcare

Program Committee Co-Chair
Kevin Ward
Centene Corporation

Sponsorship Committee:

The Sponsorship Committee solicits sponsors that are new and existing between the months of April-July. Other duties performed by the Sponsorship Committee includes;   Updating sponsorship logos and collaboration with the communications group to make sure logos are updated on website and in chapter e-mails and in poster boards. Making sure that communication about sponsors is added to the quarterly newsletters.   Managing the sponsorship for either the spring or fall conference, as it rotates each year and tracking the sponsorships as they occur.

Sponsorship Committee Chair
Becky Kinsella

Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair
Tami Knobbe

Website Committee:

The website committee has 3 major responsibilities, which are: 1) to create registration links for our Chapter events using Constant Contact; 2) Adding events to and maintaining the Chapter’s event calendar, located on the website and; 3) post and maintain any brochures for events, sponsor logos, and any other helpful information to the Chapter website for the use and reference of the members. Our main objective is really just to keep all of our reference materials (website and calendar) up to date as well as create event registrations and get posted to website and calendar within 3 days of receipt. We have supplied a P&P which is on the website at this location: http://www.hfmastlouis.org/chapter-bylaws.htm

Website Committee Chair
Mike Wegner, MHA, MBA
SSM St. Louis University Hospital


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