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President’s Message

A Message from our President:

Hi Greater St. Louis HFMA members. Welcome to our 2017-2018 chapter year. We have a lot to look forward to and it’s time to get busy on an exciting and rewarding new year. Big thanks to Theresa Rorie (Kipper) for leading our chapter last year as ourPresident. Through getting married and expanding her familywith two new step kids, Theresa was able to keep up the determination and lead our chapter to award winning results with a Gold Award for Certifications. Thanks Theresa for an outstanding year.

As I head into my Presidency year, I want to share HFMA’s 2017-2018 Chair, Carol Friese’s theme and vision, Where Passion│Meets Purpose. She describes it as answering the call, seizing the opportunity, and achieving meaningful outcomes demands an internal fire, unwavering commitment, and fearless perseverance for whatever it takes to make it a reality. That place where passion meets purpose is truly the “sweet spot.” It’s where the magic happens, where goals are achieved, and where the impossible becomes possible.

As President, I want to help our chapter achieve Carol’s vision with two goals:

1) improving our leadership and member passion and purpose through engagement and

2) improving our leadership and membership communications through more timely and consolidated information.

By including our leadership and membership together, I feel we can come together as a unified chapter to increase overall chapter engagement and satisfaction and build a solid foundation for continued chapter growth.

I encourage everyone to find their own “sweet spot” within our chapter and partner with me and your leadership team this year to help us in our journey of chapter excellence.

Jeff Morgan
Greater St. Louis HFMA Chapter
President 2017-2018  

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